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Hello! Welcome to Tuesday Truths, my unique blog, where I share life’s challenges and struggles and how I rediscovered myself. Rediscovering myself has prepared me to be a link to life beyond pain and a channel to discovering purpose. I found hope again and turned my struggle into strength and my pain into purpose, and now I have the opportunity to share my experiences and insights with my readers.


I started Tuesday Truths to share my truths with readers and offer a  glimpse into my life experiences and self-discovery. I am a survivor of sexual abuse and trauma. My voice was muted, and my identity was stripped. After 46 years of being muted, I found the strength and courage to empower my voice by raising awareness of abuse and sharing my story unapologetically. My motivation is to help women empower their voices by healing the inner woman and to help them speak from a HEALED, not a hurt place. Take some time to explore the blog and receive tips and tools to jumpstart your healing!

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Pink Bubbles

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